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Forum Thread: Fly Tying

I have been tying since beffore I have been fishing and I want to know who ties their own flies,if they want to try( if so I can teach), and if so what got you interested?

Forum Thread: Bicycle Seating Position

This is my understanding of how to adjust a bicycle seat on a standard upright bicycle, but if you want a very ergonomic seating on a bicycle, then purchase a recumbent bicycle. We always want to have a mechanism or possession to be as valuable and high functioning as possible. If you can have your massager give you that extra stimulation or energy, then why not? I am always looking to improve things, so if you have any ideas about how to adjust a bicycle seat or any other aspect of cycling, ...

Forum Thread: How to Skydive Live a Pro

Daredevils dangle from the skids of a helicopter and soar above the Alps with only a wingsuit for protection. The GoPro Bomb Squad have spent the last five years travelling the world to showcase their talents in disciplines as diverse as paragliding, speed flying, wingsuit cloud surfing, base jumping, and skydiving. The four friends formed the Bomb Squad in 2008 after approaching action camera maker GoPro in the hope of turning their extreme sports holidays into a full-time career.

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